This is the summer challenge from our podcast on July 6th, "Teaching Life Skills". Over the next 8 weeks we will be teaching our kids 25 life skills.

We've added a list of life skills in 5 categories. Pick and choose from our list, add the skills you feel are most important or follow along with us and learn as we do. The printable list can be downloaded here.

If you haven't heard the podcast yet you can listen below. We're looking forward to taking this challenge with you. Have a great summer!

Our life skills learned so far
Checking the oil in the car               Checking the fluids in the car
Cook from a recipe                           Do a mock job interview
Make a resumé                                  Learn how a toilet works
Clean a toilet                                      Fold laundry
Clean the windows                           Plant a garden (vegetable)
Order at a restaurant                       Paint the house
Sweep and mop
Due to back to school crazy, site we have decided to take a break this week.  We will be back next week (September 13, 2016) refreshed, restored, and ready to share!


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