2-perfect-pictureYou have a big event coming up like Christmas or a family vacation. You’ve imagined the perfect scenario in your mind and prepare to make this the best family event EVER. When the big day comes it all goes sideways and the perfect family picture you’ve created in your mind begins to crumble.

How, as parents, do we respond when our day begins to unravel in ways we don't expect?

This week we talk about our trip to Disneyland and how our perfect picture didn't turn out the way we expected and how to 'roll with it' when it goes sideways.

Photo courtesy Tony Alter

3-interveneSince Feb. 24th was Pink Shirt Day in Canada we decided to talk about bullies.

More specifically, click  when do we, erectile as parents, step in on behalf of our kids to protect them from harm.

Photo courtesy of Peggy_Marco



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